Natures of Conflict proposes an elevated and functional wardrobe for the everyday: each garment a well-crafted and timeless companion for the wearer. The clothes are a subtle and at times playful interpretation of wardrobe staples through the bold rethinking of proportions, volumes and silhouettes.
The collections are characterized by an understated refinement that is both visible and tangible in the high-quality materials, details and workmanship. Meticulous care is given to the selected fabrics, materials and manufacturing conditions.
Natures of Conflict works exclusively with natural fibers from traceable production as well as with vintage and dead stock fabrics. The number of each garment is therefore limited from the outset and is in line with the label’s ethos of avoiding overproduction. The collections are produced in the EU by a small group of seamstresses who work under fair labor conditions from home.
The Vienna based label was founded in 2010 by Nora Berger and Kathrin Lugbauer.

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