The Seasonal

The Seasonal is based on the values of freedom and sustainability. It is our suggestion of an outfit with the potential to follow its owner through every aspect of their life. The Seasonal sheds the irrelevant and the superfluous, it is an armour, a uniform, a memory of the future, a necessary concentration.

The Seasonal represents the pursuit of building a slowly expanding, elementary wardrobe consisting of timeless, versatile garments that transcend short-lived trends. The Seasonal stands for flawless fabrications and high quality weaves meant to be owned and worn for years. It is a return to quality in design and material.

The Seasonals are created in the traditional way of working, conscious of the social and environmental responsibility, to have as little impact as possible on the planet. The Seasonals are made by seamstresses in Slovakia and Hungary one piece at a time. They are solely produced to order to avoid excess waste and over production.

All Materials are sourced from trusted suppliers in Europe and Japan, who don’t compromise in quality, using only natures finest fibers for their exquisit fabrics. Everyone involved in the many steps, from the first sketch, to the purchase of a Seasonal, is able to make a living from their profession, this is the true cost of a cherished non exploitive garment that will last.

The Seasonals might be delivered in reused cardbord boxes, because a living tree is by far more fantastic, than a new cardboard box.