Fotos by Lisa Edi

Autumn Winter 2020/21
Pink and orange clouds bordered by a faint peppermint green float in the light-blue sky at sunrise and drift slowly. I feel that the depth of the sky can be seen by the way the colors spread over the horizon. Being caught in a strange, slightly sweet and sad sensation, I am reminded of a picture. What did Austrian painter Maria Lassnig intend using the color palette of the sky in front of me? Being involved and drawn to fashion for a long time you find yourself asking the same questions. What suits me and who am I? „This is myself“ but we can not truly grasp it. Chasing the answer we come to the question of „why am I in this body“. These questions reveal the distance between the human body and the consciousness.
Maria Lassnigs Body Awareness paintings tackle this distance. Painting herself into the subject as a self-portrait is her way to broach the distance of the consciousness and the body, the border between the inside and outside of her form, the border between her consciousness and that of others. We cannot help but to be attracted by Maria Lassnig`s braveness to hunt and show these uneasy feelings, as if she was chasing them through the thick but stunning clouds at dawn.
Natures of Conflict’s Autumn/Winter 2020/21 collection JESSASMARIA is an amplified selection of items taken from their 10 years body of work. Making use of their expertise in selecting materials, classic and casual designs are laid on sophisticated materials, including vintage fabrics, to create elegant everyday wear. Their Collection resonates Maria Lassnig’s unique, weird, beautiful and powerful universe.

— by Mana Furuyama